The Wheelchair Sevens International Board (W7IB) is the International Federation of Wheelchair Sevens Rugby Union®

Its missions:
• Promote Wheelchair Sevens Rugby Union®,
• Develop and organize international practice and international competitions,
• Train and develop coaches, referees and players,
• Contribute to a better life together through education through sport.
It currently federates 30 member countries, 1 member city-state, 27 national sports institutions including 15 National Rugby Federations, 5 National Paralympic Committees, 3 National Federations for disabled persons, 1 National Sport Federation for All, 1 National Touch Rugby Federation, and 2 National Federations of Wheelchair Sevens Rugby Union.

WHEELCHAIR SEVENS INTERNATIONAL BOARD                                                                                          SIRET n°882 679 384 00017 - APE 9319Z - RNA n°W922017083


"W7" is the official mascot of the first World Cup of Wheelchair Sevens Rugby Union ®.

This World Cup which will be held in France from 16th to 26th August 2024, is presented as the LINK between the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games of PARIS.

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